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Nov 6 12 11:34 AM

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Of course it's actually a Flying Boxcar!

One of a series of "fit-the-box" small scale kit released in the late '50s by Frog. Built pretty much out of the box, including original decals. I chose to use a larger round-base flight stand from a Frog New Zealand kit. Considerable time was invested in achieving a decent fit and finish on this little kit. The inside of the cockpit transparency was painted black.

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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 6 12 5:15 PM

Not bad.
You might want to hit those old decals with a UV light, some like sunshine but that could take days or weeks.


I've successfully "bleached" the yellow out of old decals by putting them in the back window of my car for a few days several times. You sure don't want to do this with a finished model, though, as you'll come back to a melted blob of plastic! Have never tried it on a finished model, but it might work putting the model in a house window that gets direct sunlight.

BTW, Froghawk, nice job. My Dad flew C-119s in the USAF and also later flew for Fairchild and he has a "factory" C-119 model on his dresser at home, and it looks very, very much like this model (except most of the prop blades have gotten broken off of it over the years).

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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 6 12 5:57 PM

Hi. John!

         Great job, I have never seen one, and did not know there even was one, 'til now!

          Nice looking little plane, isn't she?

          Good old Frog!



Boy modeler

Bernie Hackett, boy modeler

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