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Aug 16 12 4:12 PM

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Around 1963 or '64 I was sending off from cereal boxes for paper (thin cardstock) WWII airplanes. I think they were sold in sets of two and they were only a quarter or maybe just three boxtops or something like that. I think there were three different sets, maybe four, and I eventually had them all. I ate a lot of that cereal that summer.

They had 3D fuselages and when you built them, you had to put a penny (or maybe it was two pennies or a nickel) in the nose for balance, and you could actually "fly" them.

But I can't remember what they all were. I'm pretty sure one was a Zero. I have a clear memory that one had Russian stars on it, that one might have been a P-39 because whenever I see a pic of a Russky marked P-39 it kicks off a memory deep in my lizard brain. There might have been a Spitfire and a FW190 too, I really can't recall. I do remember that some of them had bright light blue undersides. I think one was a P-40 of some sort.

When my Dad saw these, he said, "Hell, I was sending off for those things in World War II." Apparently General Mills (or was it General Foods?) had similar card models at that time and these have been reproduced (I've bought a couple of them at airshows, and you can buy them online too). The ones I had as a kid were bigger and printed in full color (and were maybe a bit more cartoony-looking).

Anyone remember these? And what cereal was it they were offered with?

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Aug 16 12 9:30 PM

Oh gosh yea. I remembering finishing off nearly an entire box of Cheerios, must have been in the early mid sixties, just so I could cut out and assemble the model airplane. Mom was buying a lot of ceral that summer! As I recall, instructions called for addition of a penney to make the CG. They actually flew pretty well. Adding camber to the wings and they would sail way down the hill in our back yard. Flew fast and steady.

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