Dec 9 15 12:20 PM

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Yes, it's out of focus. This was my first attempt at model photography. I received a Kodak Instamatic camera for culmination from elementary school in 1965. I soon learned that what appeared to look fine in the viewfinder window was not what the camera lens "saw." The Instamatic had a fixed-focus lens for photos from about 4' to infinity. I bought an add-on close-up lens that helped a little, but not much, since the camera still had to be about 2' from the subject. Eventually I developed an interest in photography and figured out how to get better results using better cameras.

This was my first "good" model. Every part other than the tires and chrome was painted. The body was sprayed with then-new Pactra blue metalflake paint. This was also my first model to have wiring (sewing thread, of course). The model is long gone and this snapshot print (complete with a few thumb tack holes) is all that remains. Ironically, I still have that Instamatic camera and its close-up lens. I should have saved the model.