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Aug 2 13 3:02 AM

Having read the "mission statement" I think Im in the right place. Im looking forward to joining in the fun.
As a long time kit basher of limited talent Ive become disenchanted with the modelling scene of late and gone back to building "retro" and "classic" kits of my golden age.(mainly OOB)
Thanks Snake for the opportunity to join.

Bespoke builder of the mediocre

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Totally Living in the Past

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Aug 2 13 4:47 PM



       Speaking for myself, reading your post tells me you're in the right place!

        "Bespoke" is a great touch, looking forward to seeing more.

         Or, as Phil Silvers used to say, "Gladdaseya !"

          I once heard an IPMS Tidewater guy say he was "Trying hard to be average". Struck a chord, it did!



Boy modeler and eternal novice


Bernie Hackett, boy modeler

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Jan 10 15 7:35 AM

I didn't realize there were so many of us still left...

In my mid fifties I thought I was one of few with the powerful nostalgia of memories of the smell of fresh polystyrene and uncured plastic cement...happy to find this site and glad for eBay as a catalyst to the kits in my dusty a collector more than a builder now, (until I retire) it's a way to buy back my happy carefree days of my youth...I'm 12 again! (Twilight Zone music)

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