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Jan 5 14 2:49 PM

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Presented for your viewing pleasure (or dis-pleasure as the case may be) is my recently completed Airfix Hudson I.  While I rarely do a 1/72, this was done as an entry in our annual "White Elephant" contest.  Those entering bring a wrapped kit and place them in a pile.  The contest First place winner gets first pick, second gets second and so forth.  Then, the kit must be built for next year's contest.  I drew second and the Hudson is what I got.  The donator was all smiles as he saw me get the kit and challenged me to get it done.  Unfortunately he passed away during the year and never got to see the completed project.  BTW, I drew first this year.  Now I have a 1/72nd jet to build.  A double whammy.

Anyway, my Hudson I was built out of the box using the kit decals and Floquil Military Paints.  Not one of my easiest builds, but a satisfying one

Curiosity = how does the Album button work?  Does it upload a link or the actual album.  I'm afraid to do anything without knowing the results.  I will post links to photos below.  Hope it works out.


Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec20132960.jpg

Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec20133960.jpg

Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec20134960.jpg

Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec201312960.jpg

photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec201313960.jpg

Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec201314960.jpg

Hudson I Airfix 4 Dec 2013 photo HudsonIAirfix1-72OOB4Dec201315960.jpg

The URL for the Photobucket album:

Thanks for viewing


Mark E. Young, Jr. MSgt, USAF (Ret) IPMS 5494 KC-135A - Built When Man Thought He Could Burn Water

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Jan 7 14 11:11 AM

Beautiful job Mark. I fell in love with the Hudson when I was a kid and saw a real one mounted on a stand at Gander, Newfoundland, Canada as a tribute to all the ferry crews who flew in and out of Gander to and from the UK. They have since taken it down to save it from the ravages of bad weather. I have a couple Airfix Hudsons and this sure encourages me to get to building one. Nice job. Martin

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Jan 7 14 3:44 PM

Fittingly, while building the Hudson, I went to Wally World and in a bin of $5 videos was a copy of "Above and Beyond". It is a drama (inevitable love triangle) based around the Gander operations and the ferrying of the Hudson. Nice to have on while butchering plastic.

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Totally Living in the Past

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Jan 7 14 4:03 PM

Your Hudson looks fifty miles per hour faster than the one that I posted here last year. I figured out why. You sanded off all of the rivets. I like the super-smooth finish. It has been a long time since I saw "Captains of the Clouds" about the Canadian bush-pilots. The last part of the flick has James Cagney and company flying Hudsons on ferry flights from newfoundland to Britain. Errol Flynn also "flew" Hudsons in "Yank in the RAF". Well done on your build. Adios, Larry.

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Jan 11 14 10:16 AM

Ohh, that's very nice! Great paint job!

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