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Totally Living in the Past

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Dec 16 13 9:17 PM

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. This model is from a rare old kit, that I bought from e-Bay. I had never even seen pictures of it before I bought it. This was the fore-runner of Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis".  It was carefully built, as there was no way to ,get replacement parts or a new decal sheet. Built OOB(bag).  Brittle plastic. I had to repair or replace broken parts with copper and florist wire.

 Adios, Larry.


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Totally Living in the Past

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Dec 26 13 10:03 AM

Another first!


       Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs.

        Wow! I've only seen one other of these- I have one- and never built.

         You did your usual bangup job, she looks really good, particularly given her age, shortrun provenance,  and rarity.

          Thanks for showing her.

           Was Plastic Santa good to you for Christmas?

            Happy New Year, in case I don't post before then.

Felicitations of the Season,

Boy modeler

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