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Nov 29 13 9:14 AM

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This survivor has had minimal restoration, mostly new/original decals replacing ones that had flaked off.  This Invader usually flys at the end of a piece of fishing line over my work bench in the basement where I have a small collection of Cold War era models hanging.  I cleaned off most of the dust for these photos.   Blast from the past.



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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 29 13 2:58 PM

Oh, how very way cool! And for my money, Monogram did a better job in capturing the shape of the Invader in this kit than either Airfix did in 1/72 years later, OR than Monogram themselves did in 1/48 later yet.

In fact, I'd have rather they just pantographed this kit up to 1/48 than have that bloated, mis-shaped beast that they did give us. Sigh.

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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 30 13 10:11 AM

Ah, golden memories


       Haven't seen one in YEARS!

       Once upon a time, I was flush with cash (probably a birthday or holiday), and I bought this and their cannon nose B-25. I felt like Paul Mantz at the end of WW II.

       Agree with what Snake said, shame they didn't do just that, without the raised panellines.

        Looks like a real survivor, thanks for posting it.

        So what else you got?


now more kits, with less completions

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Dec 1 13 2:30 PM

Solid Guy, That looks great. I remember that the very early ones from Monogram had real rubber wheels/tires for the main gears. Seem weird to do with the molded on plastic nose wheel but that is the way they did it. I agree that it really did capture the look of the B-26 Invader and true Airfix and the later Monogram 1/4 inch Invader do not look right at all. That invader and their cool B-25H cannon nose look cool and sure capture the era of the post war air force. Very nice. Regards, Martin

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Dec 2 13 9:27 AM

The Monogram Invader is probably the single best Hand Flying model aircraft I've ever had the pleasure to fly. Its handling qualities are unparalleled. Touch and goes were performed equally well in a left hand pattern on my twin bed, or a right hand pattern on my brother's. Bombing runs and strafing runs were so simple, a 7 year old kid could perform them. And did.

Scott, longing for yesteryear...

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