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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 24 13 5:04 PM

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This is the old '60s vintage Revell kit built OOB. Paint is Pollyscale Olive Drab, Humbrol Metal Cote Aluminum,and Tamiya Buff. The stars are from an old Microscale sheet that I treated with Micro Decal Saver Solution.

Adios, Larry.

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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 25 13 6:31 PM

Whaaat? (doing his best Joe Flynn voice)

Boy, is that vivid! Were they channeling that Belgian guy, who reputedly had a Hanriot painted blue? Coppens? (friend of mine is still looking for proof on that one)

I thought that Red Star Anatra was bright, but...

I like Larrys paint job better, I'll bet either sides aircraft in that little fracas looked hard ridden and left out wet to dry.

Amazing what fetched up there, and that any of it has survived the time and events since.

Thanks to both of you, just amazing what I get to see here.


Boy modeler

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