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Aug 16 12 11:05 AM

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When I first built this kit in 1973 I thought it was the best ever. Ok, so I was 9! Had to build this again for old time sake. Just wish I could have used the kit decals also.

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Totally Living in the Past

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Nov 25 13 6:22 PM

Blast from my past


       Still looks as good as ever, to me. A revelation, at the time. Two possibilities in one. bubbletop or razorback.

        I believe I may still have the "plated" one,  which is fun to look at, but glueing......

         After that, Hawk put out an unplated one - like their Mustang, another firm favorite.

          Hey, who cares there's a minimalist(!) interior, etc, ad infinitum.  Gave us something to test our skills on, and better than most Aurora, or the Lindberg prehistoric P-47N.

           98 centavos worth of modeling inspiration, in a simpler time.

           Good job, thanks for the trip in the way, way back machine.


Boy modeler

            I like your decals better, anyho9w.

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