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Oct 19 13 1:00 PM

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Just finished this Lindberg P-47B as the aircraft of Col. Hub Zemke, CO of the 56th Fighter Group when the group was working up the then new Thunderbolt at Mitchel Field, Long Island in 1942.
All surface detail was removed and re-scribed  using the scale drawings from the December, 1965 Aero Modeller magazine.   Major under-wing surgery to remove the bomb racks, the resulting large gashes filled with plastic card and putty.  Oil cooler vents are scratched.  Everything forward of the firewall was replaced, the cowl from a junked model, an aftermarket R2800 for the missing engine and the correct Curtiss Electric propeller.     I think it came out quite nice.

The machine guns have been replaced with 0.8mm hypo needles and the aerial is 42ga copper wire.

The kit landing gear is only good for merriment so the model was made with gear up and displayed on the original Lindberg kit stand.   Decals are original from the kit.

Kit originally sold for $0.69 but mine was priced $0.75.    Despite the colorful action in the box art, I don't think the P-47B ever saw combat, the C model was the first to go to English based units.

This photo shows how much of the original kit was used (+ kit canopy not shown).

 Zemke and elements of the 56th FG somewhere over the Long Island / Connecticut area.

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Oct 19 13 5:45 PM

Solid Guy, Fantastic model from a early crude kit. Lots of work. Very well done. Love the rear view mirror you added. I have a great book on Hub Zemke called Zemke's Wolf pack. Super read of a fantastic leader. Martin

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Totally Living in the Past

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Oct 19 13 6:01 PM

Good looking Jug


        I haven't seen this one done too often, and the photo is a favorite of mine.

        Good result, wouldn't suspect it was the Lindberg, if I hadn't seen the box, or you didn't mention it.

        Only "B" kit ever, so far as I know.


Boy modeler

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Oct 20 13 5:35 AM

That looks great - how did you get the spinning prop affect?


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Oct 20 13 6:49 AM


The spinning prop effect was done with a (wait for it...........) spinning prop!  I always try to get freely turning props with an aluminum tubing bushing and a music wire prop shaft that fits the tubing ID.  Then the photo is made with the camera on a tripod and timed shutter release so there are no hands on the camera.  The prop is spun with a jet of air out of my air brush.   I shot the photos in a well lit room but with no flash so the exposure is a little longer.  You have to lighten the image with a photo editor but otherwise it's a simple photographic technique, yes?


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Retro Jedi

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Oct 22 13 11:15 AM

Nice job getting such a superb result from such unpromising raw material! Love that you used the original decals and rescribed the whole thing. Outstanding!

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Oct 23 13 8:13 AM

Thanks! I thought it LOOKED like an actual spinning prop. Nice job - very realistic!

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